Welcome to the archive of This is where I keep a copy of my papers, programs, and other downloadable items, to simplify indexing. Note that a few hundred files are unindexed, so this is just the tip of the iceberg for now.


  • Data Compression paper
    In the summer of '05 I attended COSMOS at UCD. I was in Cluster VI, Mathematics (“We're number 6, mod 5”!). Anyhow, we had to write a paper on research. I was considering finishing my WB paper, but that would have been too ambitious. They posted the papers here, but that was before I could get Mathematica to successfully export code text. They never fixed it. Now, the last page of text, in a paper about data compression, is an image. Oh well, I hope Acrobat applied automatic compression; LZW perhaps?

Origami Papers

Origami Diagrams

  • Heart
    My first simple diagrammed model, and already four closed-sinks...

  • Box of Maximum Volume
    My folding solution to the traditional basic calculus problem (and also to the version with a lid).

  • Box of Maximum Volume 2
    A more efficient folding method for the previous.

  • Cube root construction
    How to take the cube root of an arbitrary imaginary number, by folding.