Michael Gottlieb's 16.71 OH Solve
Berkeley Fall 2008 (First Round), November 15, 2008
(11th official OH single.)

Scramble (white on top, green in front; cross on top):
F2 D2 L2 U R2 B2 D2 U R2 U L U2 L B D2 B2 L R' F L U2

x' z' L D R x' D2 R2 D' (6)
R U' R2' U R (5)
D R U R' U' R U R' (8)
D R U' R' (4)
D2 U' R U2 R' d R' U' R (9)
U' r U R' U' r' R U R U' R' (11)

43 moves total, 2.57 tps, left hand (WHI).
Reconstructed by Michael Gottlieb on Nov. 15 from memory, using the scramble. Video will be available after November 23, 2008.