Harris Chan's 9.80 solve
Toronto Open Fall 2007, November 24, 2007
(Fastest non-lucky solve at the time.)

Scramble (white on top, green in front / cross on U):
R B' R F B2 U2 L2 B R' U2 D2 F2 U2 L D' F2 B R' L2 B' R2 U R L2 B

x2yR'FLR2d'R2 (6)
U'R'URyR'U'R (7)
dRU'R'U'y'RU'R' (8)
yURUR2'U'R (6)
U2RU2'R'U2RU'R' (8)
R'U2'RUR'UR (7)
RUR'F'RUR'U'R'FR2U'R'U' (14)

56 moves total.
Reconstructed by Lucas Garron on Jan. 23 & 24 from this video and with some help from Harris.